5 Ways to Deep Clean Your Apartment in Minutes a Day

Step 1: Put on Rubber Gloves

San Melia reisdents, cleaning house may not be your strong suit, but there are more reasons than one to keeping your Houston apartment fresh and clean.

One is GERMS! Germs can be taking up house in your apartment and you may not even know that they are there. Many can even keep you unhealthy.

Follow a few tips from The Dr.’s as they team up with Julie Edleman, author of the Ultimate Accidental House Wife, as they show you how to really clean your San Melia apartment for your health.

  • When Cleaning Refrigerator dust the top with microfiber towel, vacuum the bottom grill weekly, and clean out drip trays daily to avoid mildew and gross bugs.
  • Avoid the Urge to Vacuum more than once a week. You could stir up dust mites :(
  • Turn on your vent fans when cooking or taking showers. The steam will only contribute to mold.
  • Make sure to wipe down bathroom door knobs and light switch plates and fixtures when cleaning the bathroom. Bacteria loves growing everywhere in bathrooms.
  • Disinfect office area. Believe it or not, your keyboard could have more bacteria than a public bathroom. Use water diluted vinegar and wipe down your office desk, keyboard, and other supplies. Then just use your hair dryer to blow dry.

For more information, watch this video of the Julie Edleman and The Dr.’s.

Image by How Can I Recycle This via Flickr

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